Zephyr Auxiliary Services


What is ZephyrBot?

ZephyrBot is a Discord bot that provides an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding Star Citizen. It can quickly show information about ships, systems, vehicles and other topics. Blue titles on information embeds link back to their relevant page on starcitizen.tools.

How do I get ZephyrBot?

To get ZephyrBot on your server simply click the following link and follow the instructions on the page.

Why is ZephyrBot slow to post information embeds?

Please check the explicit content filtering settings in your discord server. Either disable it or set it to “Scan messages from members without a role” and provide ZephyrBot with a role.

What’s next for ZephyrBot?

The next version of ZB is currently in development. It features a discord-guild fleet system that allows users to keep track of their fleet via the bot, alongside numerous other internal improvements.

ZephyrBot Feedback

All feedback regarding ZephyrBot is welcome. If you have any issues or simply have some ideas for it, please join the following Discord server.

What can ZephyrBot do?

Command Action
z_help Provides a list of available commands.
z_ship [model] Shows specifications and a picture of the requested ship.
z_manufacturer [manufacturer] Shows the ships the requested manufacturer makes.
z_character [name] Shows information and a picture of the requested SQ42 character. (Not much here yet!)
z_vehicle [model] Shows information and a picture of the requested vehicle.
z_system [name] Shows information about the requested system.
z_tag Lists available information tags – Ask in the discord server if you’d like one added!
z_tag [tagname] Displays the selected tag
z_cleanup [number] Deletes previous ZB messages up the specified limit
z_mutebot [minutes] Mutes the bot in the current channel for a set number of minutes (Server Mod restricted)
z_unmutebot Unmutes the bot (Server Mod restricted)
z_blacklist add/remove [name] Adds or removes a user from the bot usage blacklist within your guild (Server Mod restricted)
z_invite Shows instructions on how to get ZephyrBot on your Discord server.
z_info Shows various pieces of information regarding ZephyrBot
z_tapir [breed] Shows information and a picture of the requested Tapir breed.