Zephyr Auxiliary Services

11 October 2018 BigJay

It’s been a long while since we’ve released any form of official update on here. I thought that it’s about high time we start that tradition again!¬†October is always an exciting month in Star Citizen. The annual Citizen Con always provides something to talk about, both good and bad, and this year is no exception! Our very own Kai, Scrimshaw, and Darby were in Austin and took with them our new Zephyr flyers which TEST kindly offered to have on their booth for passers-by to take. All credits for the flyer go to Naate, he’s done a fantastic job designing and getting them to Citizen Con on time!

We’ve spent some time recently revamping the layout of our Spectrum space, getting ready for that glorious day when Spectrum is integrated into the game. We’re working on becoming more organized as a staff team within Zephyr, so you’ll see some changes in the coming weeks/months that will improve your expensive of being a member of Star Citizen’s greatest organization! We’re very excited now that 3.3, and shortly 3.3.5, will be dropping into the PU for us to play together, you’ll certainly see us trying to arrange more and more events in the game as it becomes playable for more people!

This month’s update is only short, but we’ll bring you a much more comprehensive update next month! Until then, fly safe and see you in the verse!