Zephyr Auxiliary Services


Our Past

Zephyr Auxiliary Services were founded in November 2945 by a group of likeminded individuals who wanted to use their vast resources and knowledge to create a top of the line intergalactic service provider.

Our Mission

Zephyr’s mission is to provide first class auxiliary services to all friendly players in the universe. Our highly skilled agents and extensive fleet can assist in any task necessary, no matter if you’re in the middle of deep space or stranded on the ground


Zephyr’s chain of command follows a wide & linear hierarchy, split into three distinct divisions. Any member can join and participate in any of our divisions during downtime, and can permanently move between divisions at the permission of their team leader or director.

Zephyr’s division structure is designed to be as flexible as possible. Divisions act as a task priority system, with individual tasks falling to another division if the primary division is too busy. Agents of one division can freely assist another division if there’s no currently assigned task.

ZephyrSupport (ZSUP)

ZephyrSupport is our primary division and serves as our main source of income. ZSUP covers public services including, but not limited to:

  • Refuelling
  • Repair
  • Transportation
  • Resupply
  • Rescue

ZSUP agents also handle cargo, mining & trading duties.

All Agents are expected to assist in ZSUP operations, regardless of other roles within the organization.

ZephyrFlux (ZFLX)

ZephyrFlux is our scientific sect with a major focus on exploration and research. Members of this division assist in fleet improvements, working closely with specialists of other divisions to overclock components and create loadouts. Agents of ZFLX are also responsible for resource recovery & salvage.

When a new mine site is required, ZFLX partners with ZSUP to scout for suitable locations.

ZephyrDefence ZDEF)

ZephyrDefence is our internal armed forces, tasked with protecting our fleet & providing emergency respawn in conflict zones. ZDEF staff members are also responsible for internal security. ZDEF is available for hire if an allied fleet requires protection.

Why Join Zephyr?

As an organization, Zephyr provides an excellent community for increasing personal skill, earning credits, and meeting new friends. Our wide & vertical rank structure allows for internal specialization, without harsh restrictions on participation. With an extremely high ship to person ratio, members have access to top-of-line ships and components within months of joining.


Zephyr is also open to contractors, which means that almost everyone can be working under our branding while not being a direct member. This, of course, comes with its downsides which include higher fees, no personal asset protection, and no ship loans from Zephyr. Interactions with, or usage of Zephyr’s flagships, including destroyers, corvettes, and frigates, is strictly disallowed unless under the direct command of a Senior Agent or above.

Despite the above restrictions, you role as a contractor within the fleet is not restricted to a specific job or activity. We allow people around the ‘Verse earn income in any role that we provide. Zephyr gives you the power to manage your own schedule, with the freedom to join & disconnect when real life comes calling (within reason, of course!).

Please enquire within our Discord before applying as an affiliate – for security reasons we cannot accept members from blacklisted organisations.